Model Behavior

Fiona Byrne

Manchester transplant Agyness Deyn made the transition from model to supermodel upon her relocation to New York City at 23. Fast-forward about three years and Deyn has become an international icon, best known for her innovative personal style. We quizzed the down-to-earth Brit on where she goes to maintain her quirky look and what we can expect to see her sporting this fall and winter.

What do you think makes shopping in New York different from other cities?
Agyness Deyn: There are more boutiques and independently owned stores, where the owner chooses the stock, so you get to know the vibe of the store. It's so easy to discover new shops because you're constantly walking around the City.

What's this city's best-kept shopping secret?
AD: I love Landmark Vintage Bicycles. I recently had a bike built there, as they do custom builds. They renovate old bikes, too, from the '50s to '90s, and the owner, Chung, is a bike genius. He knows everything about every bike ever made. He brings his dog to work, and the dog hangs out in the window. It's so cute.

What's your personal style look for this fall and winter?
AD: Practical, because winter is cold in New York. I'll be wearing army boots; big men's Mick Jones–esque military wool coats; lots of layers, like dresses over long johns—anything to keep warm! I love April 77 menswear, their American-Indian-inspired knitwear and trousers. There's a pair of black jeans with metal fringing along the sides, which are awesome, and I'll live in those. They also have lots of thermal-style twinsets and an amazing denim hooded jacket lined in flannel that I love. I feel like I am going to be in menswear the whole winter.

If you could go to only one store in New York, where would it be?
AD: I suppose I'd go to Barneys, so I'd be able to get loads of stuff in one store. It's a one-stop shop. You can go in and be like, "I've got an hour." Just before I went on holiday, I was like, "I need to get a bikini; I need to run down to cosmetics for some stuff from Bobbi Brown." You can just do everything...okay, not everything, but a lot.

What was your last major purchase?
AD: I bought a rifle-shooting jacket. It has pads on the arms so you can put your elbows on the ground for shooting your gun. It's really cool—the pads are huge. It's got an army/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vibe. I bought that from a vintage store on my block. By the way, they were called Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in the UK because the word "ninja" was considered too violent!

What's your favorite place to people-watch?
AD: My stoop! I sit there every morning really early watching people go to work or coming home from a party. I'm up at 7:30am with my puppy Rudy, so I get to see the professional partiers.

Will you be dressing your dog up for winter? If so, what style will you out her in?
AD: Rudy's a blue merle Chihuahua, but no frills and bows, no way. It will be very practical. In New York, you have to put a sweater on your dog, but I would do a very warm, plain one—maybe a doggy hoodie. I may get her a Halloween outfit for that one day, but every day of the week? No. I think she would leave home if I put her in a tutu.