Free NYC Museums

by Staff

(Updated 10/14/2022)

These New York City museums are either always free, free on specific days of the week or free for select hours. Find ones that interest you, and take advantage of their generosity.

Note that this takes into account general admission only; certain events and special exhibitions may still require a fee. As well, some museums require advance reservations even for free admission—best to check the website of your intended destination before your visit.

BRIC House. Photo: Liz Ligon

Sometimes Free

The following museums typically require paid admission but open their doors for free on specific days or times—though again, some do charge for admission to specific events or sections or if you are visiting with an organized group. Consult the websites or call ahead if you hope to see a specific exhibition or are making arrangements for a group visit. Note too that certain institutions require advance ticket reservations even for the free admission dates.

Museum at Eldridge Street. Photo: Julienne Schaer


9/11 Memorial & Museum (3:30 to 5pm)
Museum at Eldridge Street Synagogue (pay what you wish)

9/11 Memorial & Museum. 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Photo: Marley White


The Morgan Library and Museum (J. Pierpont Morgan’s Library only, 3 to 5pm)

Bronx Zoo. Bronx Zoo. Photo: Julienne Schaer


Bronx Zoo (park entry only; does not include admission to special exhibitions like the Butterfly Garden, Congo Gorilla Forest and JungleWorld nor the activities at the Bronx Zoo Treetop Adventure)
New York Aquarium (3pm to close)
New York Botanical Garden (free grounds access 10 to 11am; free grounds access all day to NYC residents; does not include entry to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, special exhibitions or Tram Tour)
Queens Botanical Garden (April to October, 3 to 6pm)
Van Cortlandt House Museum
Staten Island Zoo (2 to 4:45pm)

Brooklyn Children's Museum. Photo: Julienne Schaer


Brooklyn Children's Museum (2 to 5pm)
Frick Madison (temporary home of the Frick Collection; pay what you wish, 4 to 6pm)
Museum of Jewish Heritage (4 to 8pm)
Museum of the Moving Image (2 to 6pm)
New Museum (pay what you wish, 7 to 9pm)
Wave Hill


Courtesy, Museum of Modern Art


Asia Society and Museum (September to June, 6 to 9pm)
The Morgan Library and Museum (5 to 7pm)
Museum at Eldridge Street Synagogue (pay what you wish)
New York Hall of Science (2 to 5pm; note, museum reopens in mid-October 2022)
The New-York Historical Society (pay what you wish, 6 to 8pm)
Rubin Museum of Art (6 to 10pm)

First Friday of the Month
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) (NYC residents only, 4 to 8pm)
Neue Galerie (4 to 7pm)
The Noguchi Museum

The Jewish Museum. Photo: Alex Lopez


The Jewish Museum
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (pay what you wish, 6 to 8pm)

First Saturday of the Month
Brooklyn Museum (5 to 11pm; does not apply to January, July, September or December)

The Morgan Library and Museum. Photo: Graham Haber


The Morgan Library and Museum (J. Pierpont Morgan’s Library only, 3 to 5pm)
Queens Botanical Garden (April to October, 9 to 11am)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Photo: Tagger Yancey IV


Brooklyn Botanic Garden (pay what you wish, December to February, Tuesday to Friday)
Neue Galerie (pay what you wish, through October 24, 2022)
Queens Botanical Garden (November to March, Tuesday to Sunday)