Getting Out, Real World–Style

Anna Balkrishna

Ever since MTV's newest incarnation of its long-running reality series, The Real World: Brooklyn, premiered on January 7, we've fallen in love with the borough all over again. Believe it or not, we enjoyed bumping into those good-looking, neurotic youngsters around the 'hood this past summer and fall—it's always fun to watch an emotional meltdown being filmed right on Atlantic Avenue. (We weren't technically stalking them since they were with a camera crew, right?) The show's spectacular panoramic shots of Red Hook and the Brooklyn Bridge haven't hurt, either.

Some might protest that The Real World: Brooklyn is just a tad shy of being, er, totally real. After all, when have you last seen a spontaneous stickball game played on a Bay Ridge side street with nary a honking car in sight? But we can't deny that The Real World made our beloved Brooklyn look mighty fine—and to prove it, we've compiled a list of the best, honest-to-goodness Brooklyn spots frequented by the cast. Did Chet get funky with the ladies on the dance floor at hipster hotspot Royal Oak? Did JD down several pomegranate martinis at Bar 4 in Park Slope before coming home to drunkenly rant at his housemates? Did Devyn jump onstage to rap with the band Shiragirl at Williamsburg's Public Assembly? We can't divulge all the answers, but we can at least tell you how to properly order pizza at L&B Spumoni Gardens. (Good try, Scott.) Now, if we could just see those kids ride the subway once in a while, we'd be all set.