Rock NYC at the <em>Hair</em> eParty

by Staff

Whether it's a saxophone player in Times Square, a rowdy jam session in the East Village or an epic concert in Madison Square Garden, you can't turn off the music in New York City. New sounds constantly fill the streets, which makes sense—this is where Madonna rested her head before she became the Material Girl, where The Drifters recorded "This Magic Moment" and where countless bands and musicians, from punk rockers to rappers, move to in the hopes of making it big. Don't forget: it wasn't long ago that Lady Gaga kicked off her career with small gigs at clubs like Pianos on the Lower East Side.

If you have dreams of making it big in the City—perhaps on Broadway—you can get a taste of the spotlight anytime you see the musical Hair, one of the grooviest rock shows around. After each performance, audience members are encouraged to join the actors onstage for a dance party. The good time, called the Hair eParty, is recorded after every show and put on the offical Hair website. But hurry—the musical's last day on Broadway is June 27. After that, viewers will have to promote Hair's message of peace and love on their own.

Book your tickets to Hair now, and be sure to visit the links below for rock factoids that could turn your next trip to NYC into a rock 'n' roll pilgrimage.