Hannibal Buress is a Pro

Jonathan Zeller

Hannibal Buress, who runs the (free!) Sunday-night stand-up comedy show at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, is a very busy man. His one-hour special Hannibal Buress: Animal Furnace (also a CD and DVD) premiered on Comedy Central this month, as did The Eric Andre Show, a bizarre talk show/hallucination that he co-hosts on Adult Swim. On June 24, you can see him live in Red Hook Park. The comedian took a moment amid this whirlwind of activity to discuss his new projects, hamburgers with eggs on top and the perils of performing outside.

What differentiates Animal Furnace from your first album, My Name is Hannibal? Hannibal Buress: Mostly it's different combinations of words said at a different time in my life. It's more stories, I guess. There were almost three years between those performances. I'm a different dude than I was [then].

Are you excited about any fake guests on The Eric Andre Show? HB: We have Jay-Z and Beyoncé on the show at one point, but they're not Jay-Z or Beyoncé, and they don't look anything like Jay-Z or Beyoncé, in the least.

What should we expect at your Red Hook Park show? HB: We'll see how it goes. I'm always wary of performing at large spaces outside, but it'll be nice.

Why are you hesitant about performing outside? HB: Just because of the acoustics. The laughs kind of don't have anywhere to go, whereas a really good comedy club has low ceilings—[so] the sound from the laughs bounces around.

It's not any specific experience you've had? HB: Not at all. Not anything horrible where a crazy person attacked me onstage or anything like that.

So people should go to this show to see Hannibal Buress struggle against the elements? HB: No, I'm not going to struggle, man. I'm a goddamn pro.

I just meant fight against the elements, not fail. HB: [Laughs] It'll be fun, but outdoor shows are tougher.

Do you have a favorite joke you wrote for 30 Rock? HB: My favorite joke that I wrote was for Alec Baldwin. A teacher approached his character, Jack Donaghy, and [Jack] said, “Quiet, chalk hands. A real man is talking.” I felt like that was a good insult for a teacher.

Where do you like to eat in the City? HB: I love B.A.D. Burger, 'cause that place delivers 24 hours a day—which is amazing. There's one in Williamsburg, by my place. There have been many drunken nights when I've ordered this thing called the Wake & Bake, which is a bacon cheeseburger with an egg on top of it. And they've got really good fried pickle chips.

Do you have any closing words for the people of New York? HB: Good-bye, New York. Thanks for reading this. Go check out my website. Buy my DVD. Buy my CD. And buy other stuff, too. Buy food for your family. First! Before you buy my…if you have to choose between buying food for your family or my DVD, then buy food for your family first. And then, if you have to, torrent…don't illegally download it unless you really have to. I prefer that you buy it. Buy food for your family, pay your rent and then buy my DVD.