How to Support NYC Nightlife While You’re Staying In During Social Distancing staff

Going out is usually one of the best parts of life in New York City, but staying away from crowds and practicing social distancing are crucial to keeping ourselves and our neighbors healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, there are ways you can support New York City’s nightlife institutions—and help them weather the economic impact of this extraordinary situation—while staying in.


You can’t eat, drink or hang out at a New York City bar right now, but many of them are offering takeout and delivery. This goes for alcohol as well as food, thanks to a temporary change to state law. Please note that alcohol delivery is only permitted as part of a food order, as detailed here. You can also check resources like this Vinepair article for more information on how local businesses are adapting. Check out our general guide for info on the broader food-delivery options in the City right now.

Courtesy, Carolines on Broadway

Comedy clubs and theaters

We won’t have live comedy in NYC for a while, but you can support venues by buying tickets to future shows (note that, even if websites don’t reflect it, gatherings are likely to be postponed until at least May per CDC recommendations), buying gift cards or donating. Some venues will also be streaming shows until they’re able to open their doors again.

The Bell House has shows scheduled in the future.

Carolines on Broadway sells gift cards.

The Comedy Cellar sells gift cards; inquire by emailing

The Creek and the Cave’s bar-restaurant is open for delivery and takeout. If someone wants to purchase a gift card, they should call the restaurant at 718-706-8783.


EastVille Comedy Club sells gift certificates.

Gotham Comedy Club sells merchandise and gift cards.

Littlefield has shows scheduled in the future. The venue’s weekly stand-up showcase, Butterboy, plans on streaming its show independently on Mondays at 7pm, with $5 tickets available on EventBrite.

The Magnet Theater is streaming some shows until they can reopen. You can buy tickets to support them, if you’d like. The theater also sells gift certificates for classes.

The PIT sells gift vouchers. Check in with them on social media or join their mailing list for information on streaming shows.

QED is accepting donations.

Stand Up NY is streaming shows.


UCB Theatre sells merchandise.

St. George Theatre. Photo: Grace Tyson

Concert venues

Venues that typically host touring acts from all around the world won’t see big or small musical gatherings for the immediate future. You can support these concert halls by purchasing tickets to a show happening later on (again, note that such events are unlikely to start up again before mid-May).