Don't Rain on Their Parade: Indoor Activities for Kids

Alyssa Grossman

Parents may be inclined to stay at home when the forecast calls for rain, snow or downright chilly temps. Problem is, little can stop a kid eager to get out on the town—especially when that town is New York City. If outdoor entertainment is a washout, browse through our slideshow to pick a weatherproof alternative that's guaranteed to keep any child occupied until the sun starts shining. Pull on your snow boots, grab an umbrella, button up that coat and read on for ideas. A little inclement weather is no excuse for an empty agenda.


New York City's iconic institutions have ample offerings for young visitors.


A slew of stages around town cater to the younger set, so the only challenge will be deciding what to see.


Got a kid who wants to see it all? Experience New York City's most popular destinations as a family.

Concerts and Comedy

Dance, sing or laugh away the storm clouds at these high-energy offerings.


New York is teeming with cinematic experiences that are a step above your run-of-the-mill screen show.

Libraries and Bookstores

Find story sessions, author appearances and other events at these popular book dens.

Bowling Alleys

If knocking down pins and munching on cheese fries sounds right up your family's alley, these kid-friendly lanes should spare the group from rainy-day boredom.


Parks and Zoos

Even when it's raining, there's plenty for kids to enjoy at these wild attractions.

Play Spaces

If you can't go out to the playground, head indoors to one of these versatile play spaces where kids can burn off excess energy taking classes, sampling sports and exploring imaginative environments.

Fitness Classes

Even with years to go before they're old enough to hit the weight room at the local gym, kids can enjoy these entertaining takes on exercise.