Daily Show Host Trevor Noah's New York City Visitor Tips

by NYCgo.com Staff

Trevor Noah's face is on posters in every subway station now, courtesy of his having snagged one of the best jobs in TV: replacing Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. But it wasn't long ago that he was a stand-up comic trying to make a name for himself.

He told consummate NYC comedian Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee about a routine of waking up around 6pm for a night full of stand-up sets lasting until around 3am—something really only possible in a place with the City's incredible density of comedy clubs(Noah's explanation starts around the 8:30 mark). He seems to have a particular affection for the Comedy Cellar.

Noah has clearly made the most of the City's potential, and we were curious what advice he'd give to tourists hoping to do the same. He was kind enough to share some ideas. Here are the five big things we learned from our email exchange:

1. He bikes to work.
“I love to start my day in NYC with a ride on a Citi Bike; I ride one to work every day. Biking is a fun way to wake up, and the Citi Bikes are super convenient.”

2. He loves the big attractions as much as you do.
His favorite tourist spot: “The Statue of Liberty. It reminds me of almost every single American movie I've ever watched.”

3. He likes talking to strangers.
“If you're riding in a taxi, make sure you ask the driver what he thinks about the government of his country. Then sit back and enjoy the ride.”

4. He embraces the City's many moods.
Some of his recommended NYC times and places: “Sunset on the Hudson. Four in the morning in Times Square, when it's beautiful and quiet. Central Park in the afternoon, and the great performers on the subway—they make it an experience.”

5. He's planned an itinerary for you.
For those who can't decide how to spend a day in New York City, Noah has plotted out every step:

Morning: First, go grab breakfast at any amazing diner or restaurant in the City—be adventurous.
Midday: Take a walk around Central Park, and then row a boat.
Lunch: Find a food truck on Broadway or Fifth Avenue and go wild. Then go to SoHo and the West Village and people-watch.
Early evening: Ride a bicycle up the Hudson River Greenway, and stop to admire the sunset.
Dinner: Pick a random restaurant to enjoy.
Late night: Walk down Amsterdam Avenue to take in the calm buzz of its restaurants.
Midnight: Go to a bar, buy a round for strangers.
2am: Go to a nightclub in Chelsea.
4am: Go get pizza.
5am: Sleep!

The Daily Showairs weeknights at 11pm on Comedy Central. It also tapes live in New York City; check out our TV Show Tapings page for ticket info.