Jeremy Jauncey’s Winter NYC Tips staff

Jeremy Jauncey, founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations, is the NYC Winter Outing℠ Ambassador. Through its Instagram page, the travel brand shares content about places around the world but calls New York City home. Jauncey cites NYC’s “rich culture, history, culinary heritage and dynamic art world” as reasons his company is headquartered here.

Jeremy Jauncey. Courtesy, Beautiful Destinations

There are plenty of things to love about New York City in winter. Jauncey has his own seasonal favorites:

• Running through Central Park. Jauncey likes to go with his brother, Tom, on crisp winter days. “It is a bonus if it starts to snow,” he says.

• Eating Mexican food at Rosie's in the East Village.

• Enjoying morning tea at Tea & Sympathy in the West Village.

• Spending an afternoon viewing the street art of the Welling Court Mural Project in Astoria, Queens. Jeremy says it’s “a great way to see the work of local creatives.”

• Visiting the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. “It’s one of the most magnificent botanical gardens in the world,” says Jauncey, and spending time in its conservatory is “a great way to escape the cold.”

• Ice-skating at the Staten Island Skating Pavilion.


"Every photo, every video, every written piece we create tells a story that comes from deep human experiences," says Jauncey. Let the following posts from Beautiful Destinations serve as your travel inspiration as you seek out those experiences in New York City.