Jimmy Kimmel Was Here

by NYCgo.com Staff

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is coming to Brooklyn on October 29 for a weeklong run during which the show will tape at Brooklyn Academy of Music – Harvey Theater. It marks a homecoming for Kimmel, 44, who lived in the borough's Mill Basin neighborhood until the age of 9. The late-night host was kind enough to share some New York City memories, foods and sights he's enjoyed over the years—and we supplemented his thoughts with tips on how you can experience some of his favorite attractions for yourself. Starting January 8, Jimmy Kimmel Live will be airing weeknights at 11:35pm on ABC. Until then, you can catch the show weeknights at midnight on ABC.

For free tickets to see Jimmy Kimmel live in Brooklyn, visit 1iota.com.

Jimmy on the Brooklyn Nets: “I think it's very exciting; and even if the team isn't good, jerseys with the word 'Brooklyn' on them will be a big seller.”

Want to experience the first season of NBA basketball in Brooklyn for yourself? Look for seats on ticketmaster.com.

Jimmy on New York City food: “Even if I am only in for a day, I make it a point to have pizza, a bagel and a corned beef sandwich.”

We love those foods, too; check out our slideshow of the City's best pizza slices, see our articles about NYC bagel shops and the secrets behind a real New York bagel, and take the time to visit shrines like 2nd Ave Deli and Katz's for corned beef.

Jimmy on David Letterman: “My favorite memory of New York City is probably the first time I saw Late Night with David Letterman. I was 16 years old, and it was, at that time, the most exciting night of my life. My Uncle Vinny got tickets and drove me in from Long Island to see it. Oddly, Dave's guest that night was Jay Leno.”

These days, David Letterman hosts Late Show on CBS. Visit our “TV Show Tapings” page for details on how to get tickets.

Jimmy on must-see attractions: “When I was a kid, my mom used to take me to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. That is a beautiful spot. In fact, I had a frog named Spot that I released there when I was 7 years old. I might try to find him when I'm back there.”

Visit our Brooklyn Botanic Garden page for more info on the venue, where you can find more than 10,000 kinds of plants. Then explore Prospect Heights and nearby Park Slope.

Jimmy on flying coast-to-coast every day for a week in 2007 while guest-hosting Live! with Regis and Kelly: “By the end of the week, my brain wasn't working very well. I still can't believe they let me fly the plane.”

Chances are you won't get to host Live!—Michael Strahan filled that opening fairly recently—but you can get tickets. Again, our “TV Show Tapings” page has the scoop.

Jimmy on Mill Basin: “I remember the block parties, learning to ride a bike, playing stoopball and stickball, getting beaten up by the big kids around the block, hiding Playboys in my clubhouse in the backyard and flipping baseball cards.

“I remember my neighbors and feeling like they were my aunts and uncles. I'd guess there are more funny people in Brooklyn than in every other city in America combined.

“[During this week of shows,] I'm going to take my security guard pal Guillermo on a tour of my old neighborhood and elementary school.”