Let My People Nosh: NYC Passover Meals

Jonathan Zeller

Making the Passover meal is always a labor of love. But if you're strapped for time, don't have relatives in town or would rather let someone else make the gefilte fish for a change, good news: we've scoured the City to find readily available Passover meals at restaurants, delis and more. Even if you're not Jewish, read on—the joy of matzo balls transcends all cultural barriers.

In Midtown East, Rosa Mexicano's "Passover a la Mexicana" features treats like chipotle chopped liver and traditional beef tongue simmered in a Veracruz sauce. Meanwhile, on the Upper East Side, Payard Patisserie & Bistro's Passover menu includes sautéed king salmon with seasonal baby beets, young onions, green asparagus and horseradish. Since Payard is famous for its desserts, you'll be happy to know that you can finish the meal with flourless dark chocolate cake and Parisian macarons (not to be confused with traditional Jewish coconut macaroons, which are also sold here).

Even if you're holding your own Seder, feeding friends and family need not be as difficult as, say, parting the Red Sea—check out NYC's top-notch takeout and catering options. For herbivores, My Most Favorite Food's Passover menu includes a delectable vegetarian matzo ball soup. As you'd expect, NYC classics Zabar's and Katz's Delicatessen each have a full slate of traditional Jewish delicacies. (Just keep in mind that Katz's is not a kosher establishment.) And in Brooklyn, Midwood's kosher superstore Pomegranate serves up copious premium grub—including an excellent selection of fish and cheese.

Now that your meal planning's out of the way, you can get around to plotting where to hide that afikomen. Just be sure to place Passover orders in advance, as some establishments are closed (or close early) for the holiday. Also, please make sure that any venue's kosher and/or kosher for Passover certifications mesh with your personal religious beliefs. L'Chaim!