Plan Your Night Out in NYC


NYC is rightly known for its vibrant LGBT nightlife. On any given evening there are an incredible number of options—how do you decide where to go? Even native New Yorkers can find it hard to choose. The decision process can involve looking at who’s promoting what, the day of the week, which DJs are spinning and even the weather.

Crowds vary dramatically by night of the week: from young guys without a 9-to-5 job stepping out super-late on Tuesday nights; to more mature guys partying Wednesdays evenings; to fans of NYC's many drag-queen-hosted Thursday parties; and some rocking indoor/outdoor parties that attract a diverse crowd on sultry summer Sundays. The night of the week is especially important at mixed gay/straight venues, which tend to be more straight on the weekends and gay-popular one night a week. If you go to Le Bain atop the Standard on Friday because your friends had a blast there on Tuesday, you might be turned away.

So here’s ManAboutWorld’s four-part nightlife strategy to help you make the most of your nights on the town.

1. Stick with the venerable venues

See this list of neighborhood bars and long-running parties that have proven themselves—you'll always find a crowd.

2. Follow the promoters and DJs

Below, we’ve listed some favorite promoters and DJs. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and subscribe to their email lists. You won’t miss out on their big parties and one-off events.

3. Cross-reference, with a grain of salt

If a listing below interests you, look through the latest reviews on Yelp. Click on the reviewer’s link to find out what other venues they’ve reviewed and liked to assess their reliability.

4. Check the calendar

GayLetter is an indie party newsletter highlighting one notable event for each night of the week, from Wednesdays through Sundays. Although the events aren’t always clubs—they include cultural and culinary events too—their roundups are always notable and worth checking out.


These are the key people to follow. They're all dependable, experienced party promoters. Visit their websites to get a sense of their style and the type of crowd each attracts.


Chris Ryan
Skews on the younger side of the gay scene, in particular his For the People Fridays at Atlas Social Club.

Justin Luke
Justin hosts some of the city’s hottest parties for cute young guys in their 20s, with his ongoing party Broadway Mondays at Hardware Bar and occasional special events.

Frankie Sharp
Previously known for his Tuesday night dance party Westgay at Westway, Sharp has reinvented himself with new nights he promotes all over town.

Daniel Nardicio
Nardicio is an iconic NYC nightlife producer, known for his inventive drag shows and sexy events.

Joey Israel
Israel hosts some of the best alternative parties in Manhattan, including gay laser-tag night, a happy-hour pool party and dinner-and-a-show meetups.

Voss Events
Throwing parties in NYC and around the world, Brandon Voss prides himself on big names and fun times. He’s currently promoting a Drag Brunch at Highline Ballroom.

Brian Rafferty
Rafferty is a mainstay of the NYC nightlife scene, producing epic rooftop events and, most recently, the weekend lineup for NYC Pride. His Saturday night rave—Trade at Undr—is one of the City’s hottest.

Michael Formika Jones
Once known as drag queen Mistress Formika, Jones now promotes super-fun events like Sexy Monday Night Bingo at La Palapa and more.


Susanne Bartsch
Legendary party promoter Bartsch, whose monthly parties at the Copacabana in the late 1980s made her a nightlife icon, promotes events from here to Miami, including a recent one dedicated to Amanda Lepore's memoir.

The “pre” to Alegria’s “after”, these circuit parties draw muscle boys on holiday weekends, especially at their big Gay Pride event coming up.

John Blair
This longtime NYC promoter is the main party-maker for Rise bar, including RuPaul’s Drag Race nights and more.

Timothy de Iturriaga
De Iturriaga hosts the wildly popular Adonis Lounge, which takes place at a variety of locations each week including Atlas Social Club.

Ric Sena’s Alegria
Ric hosts one of NYC’s longest running shindigs—a Sunday night bash that runs all the way into Monday morning. These parties are usually scheduled on holiday and big party weekends, like Black Party and Pride.

Josh Wood
Now focused more on fundraising and cultural events than pure parties, Josh has grown up with his audience, and his events reflect a mature sophistication.

Robert Valin
Events for the bear crowd, notably Urban Bear in May, as well as Bears Night Out NYC at RockBar and Truck Stop.

Joe Fiore
Fiore is one of the kings of bear nightlife in NYC, with his massively popular Furball and related parties like Drenched.


Drag Queens as Party Promoters

NYC’s most popular and talented drag queens are also an excellent resource for finding parties. We’re not saying you’ll necessarily love every show by each of these performers, but they are all artists. Some lip sync; some sing live; some are smart and sassy; others are as crass as they come. Follow these fine ladies to find some of the hottest parties pretty much any night of the week:

Sherry Vine
Lady Bunny
Holly Box-Springs
Marti Gould Cummings
Paige Turner
Aja Queen
Kareem McJagger
Logan Hardcore
Holly Dae

DJs to Follow

Here are some of our favorite DJs many of whom trot around the globe spinning at major international gay events. We try hard to catch them in their NYC residencies and appearances.

Always a fun, sexy time for guys who really like to dance to classic disco.

A “fun, friendly, furry, foxy” crowd follows Gustavo wherever he goes, including Snaxx at Westside Tavern every other Friday.

Vito Fun
His high-spirited, high-energy mix is popular with men in their 20s and 30s—the vodka-drinking, label-conscious Fire Island crowd.

Josh Sparber
Hairy and handsome as all get out, Sparber DJs at iconic gay bars in NYC including Eastern Bloc and Rockbar.

DJ Dawson
Sweet and sexy, Dawson is a rising star on the international circuit, with a focus on bass and heavy house that keeps the crowd pumping.

Will Automagic
The DJ helms the popular Horse Meat Disco and Battle Hymn parties.


Ben Baker
This smoking hot DJ has had a major influence on house music.

Jared Conner
A musclebound, house-driven DJ who spins at everything from pool parties to bear events.