14 of NYC’s Best Digital Content Creators

nycgo.com staff

NYC has always been one of the largest creative hubs of the world, home to musicians, actors, painters, designers and all kinds of other artists—established and aspiring. It’s no wonder that the City serves as a magnet for a new type of innovator: the digital content creator. These multi-hyphenate talents serve as photographers, models, writers and creative directors, reporting on their day-to-day lives as well as everything around them.

The 14 content creators we’ve highlighted represent a variety of perspectives. Take a look at or, better yet, follow their Instagram accounts to stay in tune with the pulse of the five boroughs.


Art installations, pop-up experiences, spots offering unusual angles of the skyline—these are among the beautiful nooks in NYC that Christine Tran Ferguson finds to take photos.

Photo: Christine Tran


Laura Peruchi not only shares her perspective of a Brazilian exploring NYC but also has a podcast called Let’s Talk New York.

Photo: Thiago Ghisi


Jamaican-Canadian world traveler Oneika Raymond lives with her German husband and their bundle of joy in NYC, and has tons of great content to share. She also hosts her own TV segment on New York Live, which airs on NBC weekdays at 11:30am ET.

Photo: Marta Skovro


Gabi Meit and Shanna Sciara are two Brooklyn girls sharing their love for NYC as well as for each other.

Photo: 27 Travels, Gabrielle Meit


Tenicka B. tells stories of NYC, travel and fashion through her near-daily magazine-quality shots.

Photo: Tenicka Boyd


At the intersection of style and body positivity is Scarlett Hao, who consistently serves stunning shots around NYC that you can’t help but double tap to “like.”



Nicolas Heller calls himself “the unofficial talent scout of New York City,” and we can vouch for the title. Nico’s Instagram is as New York as it gets. He’s even teamed up with the MTA to create subway and bus announcements featuring recognizable NYC voices such as those of Rosie Perez, Jerry Seinfeld and Desus & Mero.


Eni Popoola is a beauty and lifestyle blogger and Columbia Law School student who does a great job showing the best of both worlds.

Photo: Boluwasefe John


Following Ravi Roth is a sure way to brighten up your timeline with NYC content, no matter the season.

Photo: Ravi Roth, aka Ravi Round the World


Give a follow to Sur Fresh (the stage name of Kenneth Barclift) for insight into NYC’s most photographable moments. Or rather, the point of view that every moment in NYC is worth photographing.

Photo: Sur Fresh


Michelle Sprott twirls around the City showing off the best brunch spots and asking the audience if her foodie experiences are a “taste or toss.”

Photo: @mama.photog


A beauty-obsessed New Yorker, Nicolette Mason showcases great style and oozes personality throughout her content.

Photo: Lydia Hudgens


Kemi Ibeh goes deep into the City’s neighborhoods to provide history lessons and adventure inspiration, much of which gets saved in her highlights.

Photo: @musingsandadventures


Whether talking suits, fine dining or architecture, Joel Alvarez offers a sophisticated gentleman’s view of exploring NYC.