114 New York Things

by NYCgo.com Staff

What makes New York City so great? The experts agree: it’s our things. Those things are a multifarious lot comprising attractions, institutions, people, quotations, architecture, works of art and food (lots of food). But they’re all linked together by their New York-ness. They’re the reasons New York City is New York City. Below, we’ve enumerated and illustrated some of our favorites. Take a gander, and then let us know about yours.

2. The Village Voice
3. Saturday Night Live
4. Chelsea Hotel
5. Jacob DeGroms hair
6. Egg creams

7. Perpetually lamenting the Brooklyn Dodgers departure
8. Lou Reed
9. Peter Luger Steak House
10. Guastavino tiles (like Grand Central Terminals)
11. Stand clear of the closing doors please

12. Subway announcements too quiet to hear
13. Subway announcements too loud to understand
14. Second Avenue Subway construction
15. Pastrami on rye

16. “[Insert neighborhood here] was so much cooler when I first moved in”
17. “New York, New York” after Yankee games
18. Unannounced concerts by Michael Stipe, Justin Timberlake, Billie Joe Armstrong, U2, two-thirds of Nirvana…
19. Greek takeaway coffee cups

20. Regular coffee
21. Grand Prospect Hall commercials
22. The Phantom of the Opera
23. Brooklyn Bridge

24. The Village Halloween Parade
25. The Mermaid Parade
26. The Thanksgiving Day Parade
27. Acronymic neighborhoods


28. Bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches (aka "BEC")

29. Rent
30. Lady Gaga
31. Stickball
32. (Everything) bagels

33. Judging people who toast bagels
34. Pizza

35. “New Yawk” accents
36. Downtown
37. Basquiat
38. Carrying heels in your bag
39. Wu-Tang Clan
40. Staten Island Ferry

41. Central Park
42. Seinfeld
43. Sex and the City
44. Magnolia Bakery ; - )
45. Black-and-white cookies

46. Jay Z
47. Double Dutch
48. I'm walkin here!
49. Giving directions to strangers

50. Keith Harings Crack Is Wack mural
51. Shakespeare in the Park

52. Patti Smith
53. The Ramones
54. Rockaway Beach
55. The Rockettes


56. Steam heat
57. Yellow cabs

61. Practice, practice, practice
62. Amateur Night at the Apollo
63. Hanging out on a stoop

64. Yonah Schimmel knishes
65. Porzingis fever
66. Wall Street
67. Nathan’s hot dog eating contest

68. Arguing over what qualifies as a New York thing
69. Arguing over neighborhood boundaries
70. Arguing
71. Wearing all-black everything

73. The fact that West 4th Street intersects with West 10th Street
74. ...and with West 11th, 12th and 13th Streets
75. City Island


80. Goodbye to All That, by Joan Didion
81. Hot 97
82. WFUV
83. A night at the opera

84. Guy Fieris American Grill
85. New York Times restaurant reviews
86. Rucker Park basketball court
87. Alternate-side parking

88. Law and Order shoots
89. NY1
90. ThreedifferentChinatowns

90. On the 6
91. St. Marks Place
92. Knowing what CBGB OMFUG stands for
93. Legs McNeil
94. Lester Bangs
95. Tiny apartments

96. Celebrities riding the subway
97. Pigeons riding the subway
98. John Zorn
99. Truman Capote
100. The changing colors of the Empire State Building

101. Warhol’s Factory
102. The Unisphere

103. #bonnetcore
104. Bodegas

105. Bodega cats


106. Jazz
107. MetroCards
108. Daily News op-eds
109. New York Post headlines
110. The salmon-colored pages of the New York Observer
111. Red pandas at the Bronx Zoo
112. The Manhattan

113. WPA art and architecture
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Pictures: Emily Lessard (Creative Director), Caitlin Clingman, Sara Duell, Louis Lee, Alexander Quinn, Jose Quinteros, Noah Venezia

Words: Jonathan Durbin, Adam Kuban, Christina Parrella, Alyson Penn, Andrew Rosenberg, Brian Sloan, Jonathan Zeller