NYC Food Fight: Tournament Edition

Jonathan Zeller

First Round: Savory 16

You can’t spend all day at the office checking college basketball scores, so why not spend some of it voting for your favorite foods? We at the Official Guide to NYC have put together a no-holds-barred bracket of 16 top New York City dishes, and your votes will decide who moves on and who has to wait till next year. Check out the first-round matchups below, and don’t forget to to come back next week for the quarterfinals.

(Left) Photo: Adam Kuban • (Right) Photo: Dominique Ansel

(Left) Photo: Julienne Schaer • (Right) Photo: Daniel Turtel

(Left) Photo: Daniel Krieger • (Right) Photo: Joe Buglewicz

(Left) Photo: Kate Glicksberg • (Right) Photo: Bruce Buck

(Left) Photo: Julienne Schaer • (Right) Photo: Julienne Schaer

(Left) Photo: Tagger Yancey IV • (Right) Photo: Gabriele Stabile

(Left) Photo: Alan Rosen • (Right) Courtesy, Mamoun's.

(Left) Photo: Julienne Schaer • (Right) Photo: Marley White

All right, sports fans. Round one voting continues through Monday, March 20, at 9am ET. Come back next week to see who’s moving on, and to vote in the quarterfinals. After all, college basketball is exciting, but even Dick Vitale himself has to admit you can't eat it.