NYC Food Fight: Tournament Edition

Jonathan Zeller

(Updated 04/03/2017)

Your 2017 NYC Food Fight champion is…

The classic New York slice from Joe’s Pizza! The longstanding Greenwich Village favorite crushed the Cronut (Dominique Ansel Bakery), punched out the porterhouse (Peter Luger) and clubbed the cannoli (Madonia Brothers Bakery) on the way to its final triumph over the Second Avenue Deli pastrami.

Photo: Adam Kuban

Congratulations to all of the foods that competed. Their spirit, sportsmanship and nutritional profile reminded all of us why humankind loves putting non-sports-team entities into brackets in the first place.

What a tournament it was. Thanks for following along. Want to know more about New York City pizza? Of course you do. So check out’s pizza guide.

Championship Round: The Tasty Two

After a long, eventful tournament, our NYC food bracket has come down to the two top seeds: the slice from Joe’s Pizza and the pastrami sandwich from the Second Avenue Deli. In a blowout, the pizza’s decidedly triangular offense unceremoniously ended the Madonia Brothers cannoli’s Cinderella run; the pastrami rode its height advantage to a decisive win over the Nathan’s hot dog.

That sets up the matchup the seeding committee expected. Now your votes will decide which food engraves its name on the prized (and imaginary) Food Fight Championship Trophy.

(Left) Photo: Adam Kuban • (Right) Photo: Julienne Schaer

1. Classic New York Slice, Joe’s Pizza
2. Pastrami Sandwich, Second Avenue Deli
While everyone loves an underdog, there’s much to recommend this clash between powerhouse NYC dishes. There’s history here, as Joe’s has been around since 1975 and Second Avenue Deli since 1954. And there’s also a nice contrast of styles: the foldable, walk-and-eat Joe’s Slice is a nimble competitor that relies on something like guard play, while the towering pastrami dominates down low. All that’s left to do is count the votes.

Thanks for following along and voting for your favorite foods. Check back the evening of April 3 to find out the winner.