New York City in 7 Days

Christina Parrella and Alyson Penn

Whether this is your first trip to New York City or you've been here many times before, a seven-day stay opens up a wealth of new and exciting things to do. And while it's nearly impossible to see everything—even if your trip lasts a week—this itinerary is designed to allow you to visit the City's most famous sites, alongside some of the lesser-known attractions, all of which give NYC its distinct character. Read on for suggestions on how to make the most of your time.


Day One: Midtown, Central Park & Museum Mile
Times Square, Fifth Avenue and Central Park are some of central Manhattan’s main attractions—ever heard of them?

Day Two: Lower Manhattan & Staten Island
Discover American history and pub fare in Lower Manhattan, and gardens and home-cooked Italian in Staten Island.

Day Three: Downtown Brooklyn, BoCoCa & DUMBO
Explore Brooklyn’s cozy neighborhoods by checking out their cultural sweet spots and incredible food.

Day Four: SoHo, NoHo, East Village, West Village & Greenwich Village
Take a break from viewing NYC's monuments, skyscrapers and museums by engaging in two of our favorite activities: eating and shopping.

Day Five: Queens & North Brooklyn
Queens is home to great art, dining and skyline views, while North Brooklyn holds it down with vintage fashion, live music and locally brewed beer.

Day Six: The Bronx & Harlem
The Bronx and Harlem are both teeming with music history, lively energy and thriving restaurant scenes.

Day Seven: You Made It!
You just went through our (awesomely) intense tourism boot camp. Time to take it easy in the City’s sprawling parks and luxurious spas.