5 Shows to See During NYC Off-Broadway Week℠

by Teddy Minford

While Broadway shows lure audiences with big-name actors and jaw-dropping venues, some of the City’s most dynamic performances and creative stories can be found on smaller (but equally memorable) stages.

Off-Broadway shows take place in theaters with 100–499 seats (anything with under 100 seats is considered Off-Off-Broadway), lending a more intimate atmosphere to the performances. In some cases, this can mean a more interactive show, intensified drama or extra laughs. While you’re unlikely to see any famous faces on stage, you might be witnessing the next great Broadway show—don’t forget that Hamilton premiered as an Off-Broadway performance.

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Note that venues requirevaccinations for audience members, performers, backstage crew and staff for all performances through February 2022. Audience members are required to wear a mask inside theaters. For more information, visit our Coronavirus Information and Resourcespage.

Barococo. Photo: Leslie Swan


Through March 6
Set in the 18th century, this show is a parody of Baroque excess, poking fun at the indulgent lifestyles of the aristocracy. Delightfully silly and sometimes raunchy, the six-person ensemble cast indulges in a pastiche of parlor games, physical comedy and witty dialogue.
For fans of: shows under 90 minutes, over-the-top costumes

Courtesy, The Office! A Musical Parody

The Office! A Musical Parody

Fans of The Office will love this unauthorized spoof of the hit mockumentary series. Created by Bob and Tobly McSmith, the show follows a long line of onstage TV parodies by the duo, including musical versions of Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell, Full House and Friends. This charming, feel-good musical takes viewers through some of the most iconic storylines of the hit series with hysterical song lyrics and inside jokes from Michael, Pam, Jim, Dwight, Angela and their outrageous yet loveable colleagues.

For fans of: workplace comedies, “that’s what she said” jokes

The Play That Goes Wrong. Photo: Jeremy Daniel

The Play That Goes Wrong

Through September 4
Winner of an Olivier Award for Best New Comedy after its West End debut, The Play That Goes Wrong—which also ran on Broadway—is an uproarious comedy of errors. Billed as “Sherlock Holmes meets Monty Python,” the show takes place on opening night of a play (within the play) during which anything that can go wrong does. Shocking surprises, hilarious accidents and theatrical snafus will have audiences roaring with laughter.
For fans of: slapstick humor, murder mysteries

Prayer for the French Republic. Photo: Matthew Murphy

Prayer for the French Republic

Through March 13
Written by Joshua Harmon and directed by David Cromer, Prayer for the French Republicfollows the story of one Jewish family in Paris—alternating between the 1940s and current times. A couple awaits news of their missing family members, while their great-grandchildren find themselves in a similarly tense state of mind 70 years later. Poignant and beautifully written, it’s a story about old violence and current prejudices.
For fans of: sweeping family sagas, historical dramas

Space Dogs. Courtesy, Numad Group

Space Dogs

Through March 6
Space Dogs
is the story of Laika—the first dog in space—and the scientist who sent her there. Set in Cold War–era Russia, the musical is written by Van Hughes and Nick Blaemire, who also perform the show at MCC Theater. It’s a sweet and funny homage to man’s best friend.
For fans of: spoof musicals, puppets