NYCGO on Pokémon Go: A Visitor’s Guide staff

It seems like just yesterday that augmented-reality game Pokémon Go, which places Pokémon in the real world around us via mobile phone GPS and camera technology, didn’t even exist. Now kids are wandering the streets playing it, presidential candidates are referencing it and visitors want to know where to capture, train and battle the creatures around NYC. Worry not: we’re here to help.

Below you’ll find out where the critters are hiding in the City, a few tips on Pokémon Go etiquette and safety, as well as some useful links.

Read on and then go catch ’em all.

Pokemon Hot Spots in NYC

Word on the street (and the Google search results) is that the following places—one in each borough—are practically bursting at the seams with Pokémon.


A Word on Etiquette and Good Sense

We know you’re sensible people, but a few overzealous fans have made some vexing decisions while playing Pokémon Go. So in the interest of the safety and happiness of yourself and those around you, here are a few quick tips about judgment when the real world meets the Pokémon world.

1. Is it polite to play here?

Are you at a memorial? We’d recommend putting the phone away for a little bit. The sight of a person catching tiny animated monsters might be hurtful to someone with a personal connection to the site.

2. Is it safe to play here?

Please don’t walk around with your head down in the middle of a street or on a subway platform, lest you fall onto the tracks or step into traffic.

We’ve even read a story about a guy who walked right into a pond while playing the game. Don’t be that guy.

3. Are you allowed to play here?

Certain attractions may have rules about photography, phones or games. Make sure you abide by them.