Sleeping Dogs Lie: Pet-Friendly Lodging

Craig Bridger and Erin O'Hara

For any animal owner, the hardest part about going on vacation is dropping off your four-legged friend at the kennel and seeing those big puppy-dog eyes stare back at you as you walk out the door. Fear the whimper no more, dog lovers. Plenty of New York City hotels are pooch positive, which means you don't have to leave your dog behind. Keep these nine pet-friendly lodgings in mind when planning your next trip.

The Tribeca Grand Hotel provides pet beds, dishes and cushioned crates for its nonhuman guests. In fact, they're so pro-pet here that if you're traveling sans animal and feeling lonely, the hotel will provide you with a goldfish upon request to be your room companion. On the Upper East Side, Loews Regency Hotel gives pets their own gifts upon check-in and provides tips on dog-walking routes, doggy essentials like leashes and bones and even a pet room-service menu. All over the City, W Hotels can arrange for an in-room doggy massage by a licensed canine masseuse. And The Benjamin takes the cake with its "Dream Dog" program, which includes a swank canine bathrobe, spa treatments, gourmet eats and an appointment with a pet psychic.

Not all pet-friendly hotels offer as much puppy pampering, but there are many other NYC spots that allow animal accompaniment in your guest room so that your pooch doesn't have to miss a New York minute with its master.

Other Pet-Friendly Hotels:

The Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park
Size limit: under 20 lbs.; fee: $125.

Doubletree Hotel New York City – Chelsea
Size limit: 30 lbs.; fee: $25.

Hilton Garden Inn New York – Staten Island
Size limit: 18 lbs.; fee: $35.

Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn
Size limit: 25 lbs. total (maximum of two pets); fee: $100 per pet.

Le Parker Meridien
Size limit: 25 lbs; no fee

Dogs in carriers are permitted on NYC subways and buses. Taxis take four-footed fares at their own discretion. For a guaranteed lift, hail a pet taxi or summon a pet chauffer:

Pet Taxi: 212-755-1757
Pet Chauffer: 212-696-9744