The Cutest Animals in NYC

Alyson Penn

Cute animals are a good bet for Internet traffic. But why fawn online when you can see them in person? (Don’t answer that until you’ve looked at our collection.) New York City’s wildlife parks are full of animals that will make you say “awww.” Though we love all of their inhabitants equally, we’ve singled out some especially adorable furry, scaly, feathery and prickly friends at the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, Staten Island Zoo and New York Aquarium. Take a gander below, and then go see them for yourself.

Bronx Zoo

Who knew we’d ever want to pet a porcupine?

This baby giraffe knows that stretching is key to any fitness routine.

A baby otter makes quite the splash.

We guess peekaboo is this baby lemur’s favorite game.

Sharing is caring, right?

Central Park

This red panda only has eyes for you.  

Now that’s a ridiculously good-looking cat.

Prospect Park Zoo

These little piggies stayed home…

Keep your friends close and your marmosets closer.

Queens Zoo

It’s a moooooving scene of bovine affection. 

Passing by to say hello. 

Staten Island Zoo

Just hanging out. 

Something good must be on its way. 

Which is longer: the baby anteater or its tongue? 

New York Aquarium

This walrus fits right into Brooklyn with that ’stache. 

That's some serious sea turtle side-eye.