The Malloys on NYC

by Staff

The Malloys have worked with their share of rock stars—among them Metallica, Blink 182 and Jack Johnson—but they'd never worked on a project like this. When the filmmakers/music-video directors (made up of L.A.-based brothers Brendan and Emmett Malloy) were asked to shoot Oasis' album release project with NYC subway and street musicians at a loft in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, they weren't quite sure what to expect, but they couldn't be happier with the results. After a morning-to-afternoon jam session at the loft and an impromptu rehearsal with Oasis members looking on, the performers headed to the streets and subways of the City to give devoted Oasis fans and lucky passers-by a sneak preview of the new record—and the Malloys captured it all on film.

Read on to hear their thoughts on the experience:

What makes New York City such an ideal venue for a project like this?
Brendan: The first time I came to New York—and it wasn't that long ago—I was blown away by how everything you hear about and see in movies is so real. The look of everything, the food, the performers in the subway—everything has such a unique feel to it that is like nowhere else. It's so cinematic and art-directed. Coming here to shoot something is the easiest thing in the world. You can't get a bad shot.

Emmett: In L.A. you have to search really hard for a street to shoot on. New York has old character, a super-impressive skyline, and great rooftop views are a dime a dozen. That doesn't happen in very many cities.

How did the Music Under New York (MUNY) performers bring this project to life?
Emmett: Right when the first band started to play one of the songs I was like, [the project] had felt like a good idea, but of course you never know until you do it. And everybody's take on the song was fantastic, and they're all super talented. The thing that was coolest to me is that they all get along. I was expecting these people to hate each other, [but] they're all buddies! They all walked up, hugged [each other].

Brendan: The street performers are on a different level [here]. It's the greatest city in the world, and that's what brought us here, because of the diversity and the quality of the performers—they're all really great musicians, and they deserve to have an opportunity like this.

Why the choice to shoot in Greenpoint?
Emmett: The concept is to have the whole City erupt with the celebration of the new record. A rooftop view was surely something we put on our list. We've been trying to shoot all the bridges and really give a spirit, like a little documentary of the City, because that's what this thing is all about.

Brendan: When you come to New York, getting on the subway, getting in a taxi, eating a hot dog on the street, going to Rockefeller Center, going to the East Village—it's like unbelievable that all of that stuff is there. All of these things are in one city.