“The Real World: Brooklyn” Takes Manhattan

Anna Balkrishna

Now that this season of MTV's The Real World: Brooklyn is in full swing, we have to admit: man cannot live by Brooklyn alone. The roommates' loft in Red Hook may be gorgeous (personally, we don't see how any New Yorker would want to step outside such impressive square footage), but sooner or later, Brooklynites have to find their way across the East River. Since last summer, the cast has been documented all over Manhattan, by both their own camera crew and local gossip bloggers.

Chelsea's trendy Cafeteria hosted one Real World lunch outing in August, and retro-chic restaurant Elmo was the setting for some deliciously confusing flirtation between Scott and Deyvn. (The macaroni and cheese is better at Cafeteria, but Elmo wins hands down for sexual tension.) On their late nights out, the cast traveled far and wide. They infamously partied with drag queens at gay club XES Lounge and even showed up at flashy Times Square restaurant and bar Hawaiian Tropic Zone. And who could forget when virginal Chet was photographed kissing America's Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson during a Fashion Week party at Rebel? Of course, if you're trying to jump-start your music career, you'd better do as Ryan did and spend your evenings at Angels & Kings, where you might happen to bump into reps from Crush Management, who just happen to work with the bar's owner, MTV heartthrob Pete Wentz. It's a small world, after all.

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