NYC's Top 2015 Baseball Promotional Days

Jonathan Zeller

Any sensible person would enjoy a baseball game on its own merits, but New York City's teams have been known to deploy gimmicks and giveaways to keep fans streaming through the turnstiles. Here are some of our favorites scheduled for 2015.

May 2
New York Mets: Jacob deGrom Garden Gnome
Despite its diminutive stature, this horseradish-sponsored figure may well become your lawn's rookie of the year. The Mets' promo department gets points for whimsy on this one.

May 25, August 22–23
New York Yankees: Three Numbers Get Retired!
Be there for the latest steps toward the Yankees' inevitable use of three-digit numbers as Bernie Williams, Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada take their places in an increasingly crowded Monument Park.

June 19
Staten Island Yankees:Field of Dreams Theme Day
Dwier Brown, who played Kevin Costner's father in Field of Dreams, throws out the first pitch—and fans get to have a catch (or, depending on your regional preference, play catch) on the field after the opening-day game.

June 20
New York Yankees: Old-Timers' Day
Yankee alumni lace up the cleats one more time, and Willie Randolph gets his Monument Park plaque.

June 24
Brooklyn Cyclones:Salute to Saved by the Bell
Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon isn't the only one capitalizing on '90s nostalgia: the Brooklyn Cyclones get into the game this summer with gimmicks like an oldest-cell-phone contest, a Mr. Tuttle–themed “learner's permit” obstacle course and, naturally, an “I'm So Excited” fan cam.

June 27
New York Mets:Steve Miller Band Postgame Concert
This promotion—a ball game followed by a Steve Miller Band performance—was devised by a focus group of dads.

July 2
Brooklyn Cyclones:Back to the Future Jersey
These giveaway duds overlay the Cyclones' standard jersey with a mock Marty McFly–style vest. (There's plenty of on-site parking for your DeLorean.)


July 4
Staten Island Yankees:Independence Day Fireworks
The Staten Island Yankees, like the Brooklyn Cyclones, hold fireworks nights throughout the season. On July 4, we dare you to find something more American than the combination of baseball and fireworks.

Various Dates
Mets, Cyclones and Staten Island Yankees: Dog-Friendly Days
For those of us with canine friends, it's a relief to be able to bring them along to the ballpark. These events, with names like “Bark in the Park” and “Dog Days of Summer,” each feature different festivities. In some cases, you'll be able to bring your buddy onto the field.