WiFi in NYC

Alyson Penn

(Updated 02/14/2017)

Today humans can't seem to function without constant access to the Internet; there's just so much googling, Yelping, tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming to do. New York City gets that. In an effort to help plugged-in visitors as well as locals, the City has has free WiFi hotspots available at the LinkNYC kiosks popping up on sidewalks all over town. They also provide free phone service within the United States and USB ports to recharge your smartphone. You can also use the built-in tablet to access info on city services, maps and even directions.

Subway stations have also joined the WiFi bandwagon. You can now access the Internet for free and even make cell phone calls from all underground NYC subway stations. Additionally, many parks across the boroughs offer some semblance of free WiFi; you'll find hotspots in Central Park, Prospect Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park and plenty of other green spaces. For more details, visit the Parks Department website.

Finally, plenty of hotels, cafés, libraries, restaurants and shops around the City are WiFi enabled. You may want to call or google your destination before you go to make sure, but we imagine you can find a connection somewhere to do that.