WorldPride Packing List


If you’re headed to New York City this June for WorldPride and Stonewall 50, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack—above and beyond sunglasses and an array of outfits. Queer people and their allies will be coming from around the world to celebrate these historic events, so you’ll want to be prepared with all the essential items for entertainment, safety and empowerment. Read on for our top packing tips for WorldPride.

GIF: Brittany Petronella

1. Signs of community
Showing your support for the LGBTQ+ community is a powerful gesture of inclusiveness. Normally we’d suggest a rainbow pin on your lapel, but let’s be honest—there won’t be a lapel for miles during the March. So wear a rainbow pin anywhere you have a strap or material of any kind. Pride-related shirts, hats and bracelets are all great options too.

2. Comfortable shoes
With so much going on, you may be on your feet all day. So pack some comfy kicks—like something from the Adidas Pride Collection, which provides comfort while also rocking the rainbow. Rainbow shoelaces (best worn with white sneakers) and fun rainbow tube socks are also popular footwear choices for Pride.

3. Multiple forms of ID
Remember to pack your passport along with an additional form of identification for backup, and make copies in case they’re lost or stolen. Government-issued ID is not only required for most types of travel but also for getting into bars and clubs throughout New York City.

4. Sunblock
Not to go full parent on you, but you really need to use sunscreen. This is especially true during Pride, when you’ll be outside in the June sun for hours. So stock up before you come, and pack an array in your carry-on—including pocket-size tubes for touch-ups on the face and arms during the long sunny days.

5. Pronoun pins
Wearing pronoun pins (or hats, or shirts) is a way to open up the conversation around gender identity and be inclusive for all.

6. Reusable water bottle
Picture it: West Village, 2019. You’re standing on a corner in the heat, humidity and humanity. You’re very thirsty. Solution: plan ahead by packing a reusable water bottle. You can refill and rehydrate at water fountains in Washington Square Park, which is close to the southern stretch of the March. Sure, you can buy bottles of water at the corner deli, but we’re trying to save the planet here; who’s with us?

7. Portable phone charger
The Pride March comes with many memorable moments; between all the texting, snapping, Instagramming and Boomeranging, your battery may drain faster than you expect. A portable phone charger is a battery lifesaver. You can pick one up online or at a convenient local store and toss it in your backpack or back pocket.