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Anna Park

(b. 1996, Daegu, South Korea; lives and works in New York, New York)

Goose, 2020. Charcoal on paper. Courtesy of the artist

Artist Statement

I use charcoal as my predominant medium throughout my practice. Allowing the improvisational nature of the marks to dictate the image, my work weaves in and out of representation to abstraction. Goose is a new commission that focuses on the integration of an abstract visual language into my work. The expressive gestures and marks made by charcoal reflect the energy that is the essence of New York City. I have created a drawing that interprets the vitality of the environment through the immediacy of the medium.

Anna Park is a participant in Art on the Grid, a citywide, open-air exhibition presented by Public Art Fund. Conceived in the spring of 2020, the exhibition features 50 artists’ reflections on the converging crises of the coronavirus pandemic and systemic racism in our country.

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