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Baseera Khan

(b. 1980, Denton, Texas; lives and works in Brooklyn, New York)

Blue White and Red, 2020. Pleather, leather, chromogenic print and grommets. Courtesy of the artist and Simone Subal Gallery, New York

Artist Statement

This new work is a banner, a seal, portal, flag, a garment—I don’t know yet. After a feverish dream in May, I knew how to achieve this new series: a flowing system of layers grommeted together to conceal and reveal different elements at different times. The cutout pleather patterns obscure intimate moments of photographic love. Akin to an older series of mine called the Acoustic Sound Blankets, this new body of work stems from radical-ornamentation histories.

Baseera Khan is a participant in Art on the Grid, a citywide, open-air exhibition presented by Public Art Fund. Conceived in the spring of 2020, the exhibition features 50 artists’ reflections on the converging crises of the coronavirus pandemic and systemic racism in our country.