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Best Tequila Bars in NYC

Christina Parrella

So much of tequila’s reputation lies with the margarita, the classic cocktail made with a mix of tequila, triple sec and lime juice, served on the rocks or frozen, with or without salt. And yes, margaritas are the perfect summer drink, but they don’t give tequila the proper recognition it deserves.

The practice of distilling agave to make tequila is a centuries-old practice done in almost all of Mexico’s 31 states—though the town of Tequila (in Jalisco) takes credit for the famous liquor.

In New York City, you can drink the Mexican spirit (or a cheap version of it) at practically every bar. But if you prefer to savor the best brands and perhaps learn a bit about tequilas and mezcals (another Mexican spirit made from agave), we’ve got over a dozen places for you to explore. 

For example, La Biblioteca boasts 400 varieties of tequilas and mezcals. Añejo is a popular tequila bar founded by Top Chef alum Angelo Sosa. And Bodega Negra has a long list of bespoke tequila and mezcal. For more of our recommendations, see below.



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