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Chitra Ganesh

by Staff

(b. 1975, New York, New York; lives and works in Brooklyn, New York)


Urgency, 2020. Digital media. Courtesy of the artist, Gallery Wendi Norris and Hales Gallery

Artist Statement

Urgency draws from collective archetypes around regeneration and rebirth, including Birth of Venus, Mami Wata, Mahishasura Mardini, figures from tarot, Jung’s anima, the phoenix and other icons of femininity and power. This time has led me to think in depth about collective dreams, collective consciousness and collectively held archetypes that are both primordial and future-facing. The work is also inspired in part by Iconologia, traditions of articulating moral emblems and psychic states in figurative form, compiled in Italy in the 1500s, a compendium of emblematic representation including but not limited to Egyptian and Roman iconography and myth.


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