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Elizabeth Bick

(b. 1980, Houston, Texas; lives and works in New York, New York)

B. Hawk Snipes and their Mother Mary Snipes, 2020. Digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist

Artist Statement

A chance encounter with B. Hawk Snipes on 34th Street and Eighth Avenue two years ago has resulted in a portrait of their life and the final component of a work entitled Movement Studies. Our collaboration has documented B. Hawk’s transition from identifying as a gay man to a transgender nonbinary femme and a social activist. This work is dedicated to the #blacklivesmatter and #blacktranslivesmatter movement, and to B. Hawk and their mother, Mary Snipes.

Elizabeth Bick is a participant in Art on the Grid, a citywide, open-air exhibition presented by Public Art Fund. Conceived in the spring of 2020, the exhibition features 50 artists’ reflections on the converging crises of the coronavirus pandemic and systemic racism in our country.

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