NYC - The Official Guide

16 Great Views of NYC

by Staff

New York City has the most famous skyline in the world, and chances are you recognize many of the buildings that make it up. But even for the seasoned traveler, there are plenty of chances to see New York from a whole new angle via novel perspectives on the familiar or by checking out brand-new attractions. Below, find fresh looks at the best-known metropolis anywhere.


1. Roosevelt Island Tramway

Photo: Tagger Yancey IV

2. Pepsi-Cola Sign

Photo: Tagger Yancey IV

3. Atlas Sculpture, Rockefeller Center

Atlas Sculpture, Julienne Schaer, Midtown, NYC, Manhattan, Sculpture, Rockefeller Center, Photo: Julienne Schaer

4. New York Public Library Main Branch, from Library Way

Midtown, Manhattan, Grand Central, NYC Photo: Eric Hsu

5. Midtown West, from Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards, HY, NYC, Views, Brittany Petronella Photo: Brittany Petronella

6. The 7 Train, Queens

7 Train, Queens, Will Steacy Photo: Will Steacy

7. The Unisphere, Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Unisphere, Flushing, Queens, NYC Photo: Jen Davis

8. South Bronx

Photo: Julienne Schaer

9. Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island

Fort Wadsworth, South Beach, NYC, Staten Island Photo: Annabel Ruddle

10. Chrysler Building, Midtown Manhattan

Chrysler Building, Views, Manhattan, NYC Photo: Jen Davis

11. Vessel, Hudson Yards

Vessel, Hudson Yards, NYC, HY, Courtesy, Related Oxford. Photo: Michael Moran

12. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NYC, Julienne Scaher Photo: Julienne Schaer

13. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, Harlem

Photo: Julienne Schaer

14. High Bridge, The Bronx

High Bridge, Bronx, NYC, Tagger Yancey IV Photo: Tagger Yancey IV

15. Lower Manhattan, from One World Observatory

One World Observatory, OWO, Manhattan, NYC, Tagger Yancey IV Photo: Tagger Yancey IV

16. Midtown Manhattan Skyline and Queensboro Bridge, from Z Hotel in Long Island City

Z hotel, Skyline Views, LIC, Queens, Julienne Schaer Photo: Julienne Schaer


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