Inside Lincoln Center

Patricia Tisak


New York City is awash with culture, and there's no better example of that plenitude than at Lincoln Center. The cultural powerhouse is home to 11 organizations, including respected schools and world-renowned performing-arts establishments, and it presents a multitude of programs and events like Midsummer Night Swing and the Mostly Mozart Festival. Read on for an introduction to a sampling of the center's offerings, with the help of three of its resident artists.


  Susanna Phillips


  how to watch opera…with an opera singer

  Soprano Susanna Phillips offers her tips on how novices can best enjoy a night at the opera.

  Michael Mwenso


  how to listen to jazz…with a jazz vocalist

  Michael Mwenso gives a primer on New York City jazz, including the best times to catch shows, the genre's history and what newbies should listen to.

  Jared Angle


  how to watch ballet…with a ballet dancer

  New York City Ballet principal dancer Jared Angle breaks down ballet, from clapping etiquette to performances that are ideal for first-timers.





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