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Ivan Forde

by Staff

(b. 1990, Timehri, Guyana; lives and works in Harlem, New York)


After The Storm, 2020. Cyanotype and gouache on archival paper. Courtesy of the artist

Artist Statement

The horizon is a timeless image that connects all of humanity, from ancient to modern. Right now, it’s like we’re at sea: we speak of "first waves," "second waves," and how tumultuous our present time is in the wake of the global pandemic. So I offer a vision of the ocean after a storm. Five sailors (which are all photographs of myself) gaze upon golden constellations, as Venus follows the setting sun over the far deep purple horizon. A diver with hands covering his mouth swims toward a mysterious heliotrope crystal. I hope this image reassures us that we must continue to work together to harness the storm in creating a collective and just future.

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