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Rafael Domenech

 (b. 1989, Havana, Cuba; lives and works in Manhattan, New York)

Peripheral poem 68 (countermonument pavilion), 2020. Scanned laser-print on paper, tape. Courtesy of the artist.

Artist Statement

I walked, I walk through the conurbated city to retrace his steps, to document the ecology of relationships that sustains this place. Time passed—time regained. And now, I construct a landscape through layers of images from the archive. The landscape is no longer that of Frederic Church, but a decentralized picture with no vast depth of field, no clarity. It is not a postcard, it is an amalgamating message.

Rafael Domenech is a participant in Art on the Grid, a citywide, open-air exhibition presented by Public Art Fund. Conceived in the spring of 2020, the exhibition features 50 artists’ reflections on the converging crises of the coronavirus pandemic and systemic racism in our country.

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