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Sports Shopping

by Staff

Good news, sports fans. If you want to bring home merchandise from your favorite team in any major sports league, you'll find it here in NYC. Below we list some of the best places around town to shop for sports swag.



NBA Store 
This store has merchandise for every NBA and WNBA team. The coolest feature here is probably the giant touch screen on which you can design a home or away jersey for any team with any name on it; your custom order will be ready to take home that day—usually in a matter of minutes. Plus, there's free pop-a-shot.


Mets Clubhouse Store. Courtesy, New York Mets/Kayla Rice

Mets Clubhouse Store  
Opposite Bryant Park—right by the 7 train, which can take you out to Citi Field—this is the place to buy all things related to the 2015 National League champions. Besides the expected shirts, caps and jerseys, you'll find stuff like Mets greeting cards.

Yankees Clubhouse Shop. Photo: Wes Everhart

Yankees Clubhouse Shop 
The Yankees' team store has six locations in New York City, not counting the one in Yankee Stadium itself. There are pinstripes everywhere, even on merchandise like scarves and onesies.

American Football

There's no official NFL store, but East Coast chain Modell's is pretty well stocked with merchandise for all New York City teams, including the Jets and Giants. Plus, you heard the jingle


Upper 90 
If you see a local sporting a shirt bearing the Tottenham Hotspur rooster, chances are she purchased it at Upper 90. This gigantic soccer store has two New York City locations (in Downtown Brooklyn and on the Upper East Side) and is the best place to track down a hard-to-find kit from Major League Soccer or any major European league.


NHL Powered by Reebok 
Come for cool details like a free-to-play bubble-hockey table game, a gigantic hockey-stick sculpture and every piece of NHL merchandise you could possibly want, for all 30 NHL teams. There's also a wall of ice, and the Stanley Cup itself is on display from time to time.



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