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Fort Greene

Long home to a diverse group of professionals, artists and working-class New Yorkers, Brooklyn’s Fort Greene attracts visitors with its hilly namesake park, lively culture and dining and brownstone-lined streets.

Get there
Take the B or Q train to DeKalb Avenue, the C train to Lafayette Avenue or the G train to Fulton Street.
Go for
A performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where you can enjoy films, theater and cutting-edge new productions.
Stay for
A walk around the historic district’s well-preserved rowhouses; some date back to the mid-1800s.
Locals know
Fort Greene is among the City’s best under-the-radar dining destinations, with a mix of restaurants old and new, casual and fancy.
    Fort Greene, BrooklynFort Greene, Brooklyn, BricFort Greene, BrooklynFort Greene, Brooklyn
    Fort Greene, BrooklynFort Greene, BrooklynFort GreeneFort Greene, BrooklynFort Greene, Brooklyn
    Fort Greene, BrooklynCenter for Fiction, Fort GreeneFort Greene, BrooklynFort Greene, Brooklyn

    Fort Greene Map

    Map out Fort Greene and discover all that's happening in the neighborhood.


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