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The Power of NYC Hospitality

As one of the world’s most popular destinations, New York City has a lot to be thankful for. In 2018 the five boroughs welcomed a record 65.1 million travelers, making it the City’s ninth-straight year of growth. Those visitors bring tangible benefits to everyone who lives in New York City.

NYC & Company, the parent agency of, is New York City’s official destination marketing organization, charged with maximizing travel and tourism opportunities and building economic prosperity throughout the five boroughs. Our efforts to foster travel to NYC support the hospitality industry and other businesses across the City, and tax revenue from visitors funds essential government services. Below are just a few of the ways visitors benefit the five boroughs.


Tourism by the Numbers

1. $70 billion per year in total economic impact
Travel and tourism’s effect on NYC is enormous—and it continues to grow. In 2018 alone, visitors spent over $46.4 billion staying in hotels, dining, shopping, and experiencing arts and culture across the City. For every dollar a visitor spends, another 50 cents is spent by local businesses and workers. That money spreads throughout the City and into the pockets of residents in all five boroughs.

2. $6.7 billion in local tax revenue
Taxes from travel and tourism help fund first responders, education and transit, along with other services that New Yorkers need. These revenues save NYC households an average of $2,100 annually on their returns.

3. 396,000 jobs supported
The travel and tourism industry represents 9% of all NYC employment, making it the City’s seventh largest in terms of jobs. Visitors to the five boroughs support positions at hotels, restaurants, museums, shops and more.