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New York Forward Phases

Along with regions across New York State, organizations in New York City are permitted to reopen in four phases as outlined by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s New York Forward plan. Each of these four phases will be separated by at least two weeks to ensure public health and safety.

NYC is currently in Phase 3.

This phase includes the reopening of personal care services, including spas, nail salons and massage therapists. Note: indoor dining has been temporarily postponed.

For an overview of businesses that may reopen in Phases 2 through 4, please see below:

New York Forward Phase Tracker
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Phase 2

• Retail (in store)
• Restaurants (outdoor dining)
• Hair salons and barbershops
• Offices
• Real estate
• Vehicle sales, leases and rentals
• Retail rental, repair and cleaning
• Commercial building management 

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Phase 3

•Personal care (spas, nail salons and others)

Note: indoor dining has been postponed until further notice.

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Phase 4

• Arts, entertainment and recreation
• Education

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Note that thes timing and implementation of phases are subject to change. For more details, visit