Mar 7
—Dec 19, 2016

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Westside Theatre
407 W. 43rd St.
Manhattan, NY 10036


If you’re a fan of surprises, this is the play for you. What White Rabbit Red Rabbit is about remains a mystery up until the curtain rises. Even the actors don't know what they’ll be performing until they open the sealed envelope. Each performance features a new actor (previous players include Tony Danza, Cynthia Nixon and Nathan Lane) who is only told the basics about their performance 48 hours in advance. Once they hit the stage, they must perform award-winning playwright Nassim Soleimanpour’s script for the first time. What begins as a humorous and silly opening inevitably turns dramatic and gripping for audiences and actors alike.  

Type:  Play
Audience:  Teens and Adults


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