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The Muslim community has been a part of New York City’s culture for roughly 400 years. Today the City has over 275 mosques spread across all five boroughs—more than any other metro area in the US. One of the nation’s oldest surviving mosques is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the borough is home to one of the world’s most diverse Muslim communities representing descendants from every continent.  

Muslim residents are NYC’s doctors, artists, activists and business owners, making an indelible mark on the City. Visitors can explore the abundance of halal restaurants, as well as halal butchers, Muslim history and art exhibits, in each of the five boroughs.  

Find these in our guide to halal travel, with halal dining recommendations for every cuisine type, Muslim-friendly hotels and must-see attractions, plus tips and advice from Muslim travel experts. 

Find Halal Food in NYC

Halal food can be easily found throughout the five boroughs. You'll find a range of price points as well as regional cuisines, including Yemeni, Pakistani and Thai.
The restaurants listed in this guide have been featured by HalalTrip. We have made reasonable efforts to verify their halal status at the time of publication. However, verification and clarification should be sought from these restaurants to ensure they meet your halal requirements.
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