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12 Attractions to Visit During NYC Must-See WeekSM staff

NYC Must-See Week is a great time to visit New York City, because the program offers 2-for-1 tickets to some of the five boroughs’ biggest and best attractions, museums, tours and performances. If you’re going to be in town between January 29 and February 11 and aren’t sure where to start, good news: we’ve put together a dozen options you should definitely check out—with one big reason each you won’t want to miss them. Pick your favorites, and enjoy NYC Must-See Week.

1. Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

What is it? One of America’s largest and oldest art museums, the cultural giant houses roughly 1.5 million works of art that span millennia and come from every corner of the globe. 

Why visit now? You’ve got to see the Ancient Egyptian Art collection on the third floor, which features works that are thousands of years old—including, in the Mummy Chamber, actual mummies (it’s popular with kids).

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2. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

What is it? An aircraft carrier that served in World War II and the Vietnam War and later, after being decommissioned, became the setting for one of the City’s most distinctive museums.

Why visit now? The prototype space shuttle orbiter Enterprise is physically massive and a huge scientific achievement. It, along with the other NASA-related items and exhibitions in the Space Shuttle Pavilion, is worth a visit on its own.

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3. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

What is it? MoMA draws around 3 million visitors a year to see works by some of the world’s best-known artists—including many pieces that will expand your idea of what art can be.

Why visit now? Have you seen a Picasso, Warhol or Kahlo up close? If not, here’s your chance.

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4. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

What is it? You’d probably recognize the very cool spiral-shaped building—often, and rightly, called “iconic”—which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Inside there’s a formidable collection of modern artwork.

Why visit now? In addition to the works by Miró, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and others you’ll see in the permanent collection, Must-See Week is also a chance to see the special exhibition Josef Albers in Mexico—featuring the artist’s photographs and photo collages from his frequent travels to that country.

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5. Carnegie Hall Tour

Carnegie Hall Tour

What is it? Carnegie Hall is one of the most prestigious stages in the world, especially for classical musicians. It’s also hosted the likes of Judy Garland, the Beatles and Jay-Z.

Why visit now? Get a crash course in the history of the building and those who performed there from an expert who will explain every detail—including artifacts in the Rose Museum.

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6. Yankee Stadium Tour

Yankee Stadium Tour

What is it? Yankee Stadium is home of the New York Yankees, the most successful franchise in the history of American sports. The team christened their new stadium in 2009 with a World Series championship, their 27th so far.

Why visit now? While tour stops may vary, you’ll have the chance not only to see the plaques in Monument Park—all the greats are there—but also perhaps to step into the press box and even onto the field where Giancarlo Stanton will soon be slugging home runs. If you haven’t yet walked onto a Major League field, you really should try it.

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7. Gotham Comedy Club

What is it? One of the City’s most famous comedy clubs, where comics like Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan and Chris Rock have performed.

Why visit now? Do you like to laugh? New York City is the live comedy capital of the world, and Gotham’s lineups often include performers familiar from TV and the movies. 

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8. Empire State Building Observatory

Empire State Building Observatory

What is it? We have a feeling you’ve heard of the Empire State Building. The art deco structure is one of the first images that pops into many minds upon the mention of the word skyscraper. It also had a prominent role in a little movie called King Kong.

Why visit now? There are many reasons, but one of the best is that the observation deck is open until 2am—giving you ample opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the City’s lights. Sometimes there’s even live saxophone accompaniment.

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9. Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo

What is it? America’s largest metropolitan zoo, home to more than 750 different species. They’ve got lemurs. They’ve got sea lions. Grizzly bears? Oh, yeah. Those too.

Why visit now? The Congo Gorilla Forest will make you feel like you’re really in an African rainforest, complete with waterfalls and ferns.

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10. NFL Experience Times Square

NFL Experience Times Square

What is it? An immersive attraction that shows NFL fans what it’s like to be a pro football player—starting in training camp and continuing through the Super Bowl.

Why visit now? For one thing, it’s new. For another, it’s right around when the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl are kicking fans’ football mania into high gear. And the movie-theater experience here—with vibrating seats and even snow that falls from the sky—is probably the closest you’ll get to feeling like you’re in an NFL game. 

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11. Gulliver’s Gate

Gulliver’s Gate

What is it? An incredibly detailed miniature world in Times Square—named for Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, which features a journey to the tiny world of Lilliput. This one has 1:87 scale versions of all kinds of real places, including the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock (from the Middle East), the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal (from Asia), and Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Central Terminal (from right here in New York City).

Why visit now? One particularly cool reason: you can scan your body and have a small version of yourself placed into the Gulliver’s Gate universe as a so-called Model Citizen.

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12. One World Observatory

One World Observatory

What is it? The tallest building in the western hemisphere, and a full-fledged attraction with great on-site drinking and dining. The deck features 360-degree views of the City and exhibitions like Voices, which tells the stories of those who helped build it.

Why visit now? Our favorite part of One World Observatory is the elevator ride up: the 47-second ride to the top features a time-lapse capturing 500 years of changes to the NYC skyline—which, when the ride ends, you see for yourself in a dramatic reveal.

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