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The Elevator Historical Society


In a city that could not exist without elevators, it's ironic that you reach the only elevator museum in the United States by climbing a flight of stairs. The Elevator Historical Society can be found in the second-floor office of Pat Carrajat, now retired from a long career in elevator maintenance and repair. Carrajat opened the tiny museum in 2011 in Long Island City (the heart of the City's elevator industry), where his collection of elevator ID plaques, car ceilings, button plates, industry tools and more comes largely from a lifetime of collecting. As word of the museum has spread, however, donations from other vertical-travel professionals have rolled in. The museum is open by appointment only. And don't worry—should you need it, the museum is accessible by elevator, but you'll need to mention that when you call.

21-03 44th Ave., ste. 206
Queens, NY 11101
  (917) 748-2328


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