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This unmarked boîte is the sort of contrived hideout that might be cooked up by an overgrown kid with a chemistry set. The bar is littered with old vials, the cocktails are referred to as “prescriptions,” and the bartenders-cum-mad-scientists are in rare form—note the cinnamon-flambéed Himalayan salt that rims a margarita. Does all this hocus-pocus translate to better drinks? Well, the Tainted Love (a sweet stress reliever made of beet juice and gin) as well as the Sitting Buddha (a vodka and lemongrass elixir made with fresh pineapple, pressed ginger root, lime juice and agave) certainly cured our sobriety. 

9 Doyers St
New York, NY 10013
  (212) 406-0400
  Hours: Mon–Sat 6pm–2am


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