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Kelso of Brooklyn


Kelso of Brooklyn (whose name is an amalgamation of Kelly Taylor and Sonya Giacobbe, the brewmaster and his wife) is one of the lesser-known Brooklyn beer brands—for now. Considering how popular its beer is becoming, however, that's not likely to be the case soon. Those who take a chance on this brew at one of the dozens of bars where it's carried in Brooklyn and Manhattan don't regret it, which is probably why Kelso beers are popping up on more and more taps across the boroughs, including New York staples Shake Shack, the City Bakery and Galapagos Art Space. And the beer won't be the only thing that leaves a good taste in your mouth—a big part of the brewery's mission is to be as sustainable, environmentally-friendly and waste-free as possible.

529 Waverly Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
  (718) 398-2731

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