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No Name Bar


For an establishment with an unassuming entrance and no signage to speak of, the so-called No Name Bar is many things at once: it’s a cozy local watering hole, a ramen restaurant serving authentic Japanese soups and an outdoor hangout in what is likely the neighborhood’s most spacious back garden. Booths line the main-floor bar, leading out to the gigantic, tree-filled yard that’s often crowded with a fashionable, raucous crowd—just don’t get caught up in the party and miss the tiny basement kitchen, where a tiny kitchen offers up Thai delicacies like beef stew noodle soup, lemongrass seafood noodle soup, and pork with basil and sunny-side egg on rice.

597 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
  Hours: Mon.–Fri., 5pm.–4am; Sat.–Sun., 2pm–4am


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