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There are a few things that distinguish this West Village cocktail bar from its myriad brethren throughout the City. First, there's its location, just a few steps underground, in a space that once housed 1960s beatnik hangout The Gaslight Cafe. Then there's the fact that, along with classic cocktails and house originals, drinkers can choose from "craft shots"—imagine a cocktail version of an amuse-bouche—and bottled cocktails. Among the creatively named originals are the Rose Among Thorns (Citadelle Gin, Krogstad Aquavit, dry vermouth, orange bitters) and God's Daisy Chain (Plymouth Gin, Aperol, Tomr's Tonic, lemon juice, Blanc de Blancs).

116 Macdougal St.
Manhattan, NY 10012
  (212) 260-3000
  Hours: Sun.–Wed., 5pm–2am; Thurs.–Sat., 5pm–3am


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