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Don't call ahead, and don't expect delivery service, either: Alidoro is simply too busy. Just show up at this picturesque little SoHo sandwich nook and get in line. It's a classic New York experience, with sometimes brusque service and a "Soup Nazi"–like protocol for ordering—don't ask any questions and make sure you have your cash at the ready. During prime lunch hours, the line is slow, so be patient—you'll be rewarded for your fortitude. Each excellent Italian-themed sandwich (the Pavarotti, the Sinatra, the Casanova) is carefully made with top-quality ingredients. First, the bread is sawed apart, then the meat and cheese are sliced to order and topped with a splash of secret sauce. There are a couple of paint-chipped tables in a cramped space that looks like a bookstore/movie-rental shop, but Alidoro is mostly for takeout.

105 Sullivan St.
Manhattan, NY 10012
  (212) 334-5179
  Hours: Mon.–Sat., 11:30am–5pm

Payment Types
Cash Only


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