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Arepa Factory


For the unversed: corn-flour-based arepas are in the same family of flatbreads as pita, Salvadoran pupusas and Mexican gorditas. The golden pockets are made fresh daily at Arepa Factory and filled to overflowing with global ingredients of your choice, such as baby back ribs, chicken and avocado salad or coconut lamb. They are moist, luscious and hard to stop devouring. The owner of this charming East Village nook, Monica Muzzo, is from Venezuela, where she says a range of melting pot ingredients are popular—as opposed to the way it's done in Colombia, whose arepa makers traditionally stick to cheese, egg and meat fillings. Quarters are tight, with minimal seating, but it's the type of street food that's easily consumed standing on the sidewalk or sitting on a bench across the way in Tompkins Square Park.

147 Ave. A
Manhattan, NY 10009
  (646) 490-6828
  Hours: Mon.,–Thurs., 11am–11pm; Fri., 11am–4pm; Sat 5pm–midnight;, Sun., 10am–9pm

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