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Bugs has nothing to do with bugs other than a sign posted that reads: "Just like bugs get together, I wanted to have a place for people." Sho Boo, a friendly female sushi chef, is responsible for the aphorism. First in Osaka and then at Sushi Yasuda and Jewel Bako in New York, she honed her sushi and Japanese home-cooking skills. Locals gather around her glass vitrine-style bar to watch her calm, sure way with fish, fried chicken and Japanese-style paella. It's all made with little more than knives, a hot plate and a microwave. She can tailor omakase menus or make a variety of dishes à la carte. The space is tiny and inconspicuous, with celery green walls and overhead light fixtures that look like a cross between rattan fish and mini fishing boats. For Japanese aficionados, it's hard not to love.

504 E. 12th St.
Manhattan, NY 10009
  (646) 918-7985

Japanese / Sushi
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